Felipe C.K. Duarte, DC, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Email: fduarte [at] cmcc [dot] ca

Research Interests:

  • Neuroplastic pain  

  • Neuro-immune biomarkers,

  • MRI

  • Quantitative Sensorial Testing

  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy


Felipe is a DC (Feevale University - Brazil), and Ph.D. (Neuroscience- University of Guelph-Canada). Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Using basic science and clinical science his goal is to have a better comprehension of the mechanism of action and the impact that chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders have on our physiological system with a special interest in neuroscience: neurobiology, neurophysiology, and the interaction between the nervous system and immune system.

He also holds a strong interest in getting a better understanding of the mechanisms of action of non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches (e.g. spinal manipulation therapy, TENS, etc) commonly used to treat chronic musculoskeletal disorders through pre-clinical and clinical studies (cellular, animal, and human studies).

As part of the fellowship, a quite productive collaboration has recently taken place resulting in an extensive list of collaborative projects with several members of the Q-PAIN LAB including Dr. Dinesh Kumbhare, Dr. Daniel West, Dr. Ryan Koh, and Dr. Samah Hassam, Azadeh Aghamohammadi Sereshki, and others. This collaboration has resulted - so far - in 4 different funded projects, 3 ethics applications, 2 scientific articles published, 2 articles submitted, 4 manuscripts currently in the works.


Selected Journal Publications

  • Duarte FCK, Hurtig M, Clark A, Brown S, Simpson J, Srbely JZ, "Experimentally induced spin osteoarthritis in rats leads to neurogenic inflammation within neurosegmentally linked myotomes," Experimental Gerontology, 149(1), 2021 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.exger.2021.111311

  • Evans V, Duarte FCK, Linde L, Kumbhare D. “Evaluation of differences and similarities between commonly applied questionnaire to chronic widespread population”. British Journal of Pain, 1-9, 2020. https://doi.org/10.1177/2049463720979340

  • Linde DL, Duarte FCK, Esmaeli H, Masani K, Kumbhare AD. “The nociceptive flexion reflex: a scoping review and proposed standardized methodology for acquisition in those affected by chronic pain”. British Journal of Pain, 1-12, 2020.

  • Duarte, FCK, Kolberg, C, Riffel, APK, Souza, JA, Belló-Klein, A, Partata, WA. “Spinal manipulation therapy improves tactile allodynia and peripheral nerve functionality and modulates blood oxidative stress markers in rats exposed to knee-joint immobilization”. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 42(6), 385-398, 2019.

  • Duarte FCK, Hurtig M, Clark A, Simpson J, Srbely JZ. “Association between naturally occurring spine osteoarthritis in geriatric rats and neurogenic inflammation within neurosegmentally linked skeletal muscle”. Experimental Gerontology, 118, 31-38, 2019.

  • Duarte FCK, Zwambag DP, Brown SHM, Clark A, Hurtig M, Srbely,JZ. “Increased substance P immunoreactivity in ipsilateral knee cartilage of rats exposed to lumbar spine injury”. CARTILAGE, November, 1-11, 2018.


  • Young Investigator Initiative - Grant Mentoring and Career Development Program. United States Bone and Joint Initiative (2021).

  • Second prize of the NCMIC Louis Sportelli Research Award (2021): World Federation of Chiropractic Congress “Effects of distinct force magnitude of spinal manipulative therapy on blood biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in a healthy population”