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Karlo Nesovic

M.A.Sc. Candidate

Email: karlo.nesovic [at] mail [dot] utoronto [dot] ca

Supervisor: Dr. Dinesh Kumbhare (co-supervised with Milos Popovic)

Research Interests:

  • Central Sensitization

  • Pain Processing and Perception

  • Electromyography

  • Ultrasound Imaging

  • Motor Unit Recordings


Karlo graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from McMaster University and is currently in his first year of the Master of Applied Science program in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on better understanding how pain is processed and perceived in the body, and on quantifying changes in muscular structure and electrical activity in response to pain. His previous research has looked at understanding sensory processing and autonomic function in individuals with spinal cord injury, and his undergraduate thesis project investigated the hemodynamic changes in patients at risk of heart failure. In addition to his research, Karlo volunteers his time as a tutor and enjoys teaching math and programming to students interested in the sciences. In his free time, Karlo enjoys swimming, travelling, and watching old movies.

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