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Pain Diagnosis


Smart AI Database

We are implementing a new comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI)-integrated database that will provide a standardized method to facilitate high-quality data collection of a large cohort of chronic pain patients who are described using a set of common demographic and clinical measures based on uniform and validated measurement tools.


This comprehensive AI –integrated database aims to:

  1. Provide accelerated access to well-characterized datasets that can assist physicians to reach accurate diagnosis and guide personalized treatment.

  2. Improve treatment monitoring and adjustment.

  3. Stimulate clinical pain research by providing an infrastructure for standardized data collection on a large cohort of patients that might aid to advance our understanding on diverse chronic pain disorders.

  4. Capture large amounts of diverse annotated pain-related data suitable for AI-based analysis of patient characteristics in order to fuel innovation and quality improvement programs.

  5. Facilitate the collection of data on investigations into potential objective biomarkers (including blood, imaging, neurophysiologic) for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.

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