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Ryan Koh, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Email: ryan.koh [at] uhn [dot] ca

Research Interests:

  • Quantitative Pain Assessment

  • Peripheral Nerve Recordings

  • Machine Learning


Ryan received his Ph.D. at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (formerly known as the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering), University of Toronto in 2019 and his B.Eng. in Electrical and Biomedical engineering at McMaster University in 2014.

His Ph.D. was focused on improving the recording selectivity of peripheral nerve interfaces to provide neuromodulation and neuroprosthetic systems with better control signals for closed-loop control. During his graduate studies, he earned numerous awards including the NSERC CGS-D Scholarship, TRI Student Scholarship and Sally & Paul Wang Graduate Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering.

He now works as a post-doctoral fellow in the Q-PAIN lab. His work focuses on developing biomarkers for more quantitative measures of pain.


Selected Journal Publications

  • S. Sammut, R.G.L. Koh, J. Zariffa, 2021 “Compensation Strategies for Bioelectric Signal Changes in Chronic Selective Nerve Cuff Recordings: A Simulation Study” Sensors, 21:2, 506; doi: (Special issue on implantable systems for biomedical applications)

  • R.G.L. Koh, M. Balas, A.I. Nachman and J. Zariffa, 2020 “Selective peripheral nerve recordings from nerve cuff electrodes using convolutional neural networks,” Journal of Neural Engineering 17 016042.

  • R.G.L. Koh, A.I. Nachman and J. Zariffa, 2019 “Classification of naturally evoked compound action potentials in peripheral nerve spatiotemporal recordings,” Scientific Reports, 9:11145

  • J. Likitlersuang†, R.G.L. Koh†, X. Gong, L. Jovanovic, I.B. Telleria, M. Myers, J. Zariffa, C. Marquez-Chin, 2018 “EEG-controlled functional electrical stimulation therapy with automated grasp selection: a proof-of-concept study,”  Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation 24 265-274.  †These authors contributed equally

  • P. Garai, R.G.L. Koh, M. Schuettler, T. Stieglitz, J. Zariffa, 2016 “Influence of anatomical detail and tissue conductivity variations in simulations of multi-contact nerve cuff recordings,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering.

  • R.G.L. Koh, A.I. Nachman and J. Zariffa, 2016 “Use of spatiotemporal templates for pathway discrimination in peripheral nerve recordings: A simulation study,” Journal of Neural Engineering, 14 016013.

Conference Publications

  • R.G.L. Koh†, M. Behr†, M. Kirkwood, D. Kumbhare, “Effect of Neighbourhood Size in Entropy Mapping of Ultrasound Images,” 42nd Ann. Int. Conf. IEEE EMBC. Montreal, Canada July 2020.  †These authors contributed equally

  • S. Sammut, R.G.L. Koh, J. Zariffa, “Impact of Encapsulation Tissue Growth on Selective Recording in Nerve Cuff Electrodes: A Simulation Study,” 42nd Ann. Int. Conf. IEEE EMBC. Montreal, Canada July 2020.

  • R.G.L. Koh, and J. Zariffa, “Effects of the choice of reference on the selectivity of a multi-contact nerve cuff electrode,” 38th Ann. Int. Conf. IEEE EMBC. Orlando, USA Aug 2016.

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